What happens if there is no liking between the lady and me?

If, on first encounter, you notice that you have no liking for each other, you are able to cancel your invitation. Your decision, however, should be expressed at the beginning and not in the course of the meeting. The "beginning of the meeting" naturally depends on the length of respective booking. Should a case like this arise, I will ask you to compensate the lady for her travel expenses and her time expenditures. Furthermore, I would appreciate it, if you could contact me afterwards in order to describe your reasons and your disapproval. I will consequently find out more about your expectations and wishes and will be able to provide you with better advice for future meetings and mediations. If it is the case, that the lady had a longer journey to your meeting destination or the appointment is in a foreign country, a 30% cancellation fee on top of the travelling expenses will accrue.

What to do if I have to break off the date?

After the beginning of the appointment, if you are not able to make use of the complete planned time because of, for example, sudden unpredictable business engagements, you may break off the date and remunerate the lady for the actual time spent. An abruption, however, before the expiration of the minimum booking period of the lady shall nevertheless be charged with the minimum fee in the invoice. Kindly bear in mind, that the time margin can not be made up for at a later appointment, should you want to meet the lady again, a new booking at usual conditions shall accrue. This regulation only holds for bookings in the lady´s city of residence. If the lady has taken on a longer trip to the meeting point, an additional fee shall be imposed for the compensation of the accruing expenses such as travel time and possibly the costs for accommodation.

What happens if I have to cancel the date at short notice?

If a change in your business schedule is likely to prevent you from keeping your appointment, we would appreciate being informed in a timely manner. Due to the fact that the ladies representing Kay Escorts are also indulged in professional lives and are compelled to take 2 days off from work for an over-night appointment taking place outside their city of residence, we kindly ask you to inform us at least 24 hours in advance before the beginning of pre-planned dates in the cases of a change of date or cancellation. If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, we shall charge 30% of the remuneration fees previously agreed upon to compensate the lady for her work stoppage. The incurring travelling expenses such as flight tickets cancellation fees shall also be charged in the invoice. Of course, efforts are made to obtain cancellation of flight tickets and hotel bookings free of charge, but unfortunately this is not always possible.

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