Our requirements

If you are a natural beauty and have a soft spot for the special things in life, then you came to the right place. If you are also a passionate and erotic seductress, don´t hesitate with your application. You still have questions? I will be happy to answer them via telephone or email before hand. Please pay attention to my casting criteria first.

Age and appearance

Because our customers vary a lot and because we attach importance to fulfilling every demand, we are not only looking for young women that fit a certain age range. How often do we meet ladies in our daily lives, which are well over a certain age, but still amaze us with their appearance and sovereignty. The times where these ladies had to hide behind their younger counterparts are long gone. What counts is an attractive appearance and discipline gained through proper care and keeping the body top fit by doing sport. Kay´s Escort ladies are professionally successful and financially independent as these are intrinsic parts of our agency´s philosophy. We would like to motivate ladies who feel appealed and who are down to earth to join our team. You should apply only if:

•  You are of age.
•  You are at least 163cm (5`4") but not taller than 183cm (6´).
•  You are slender with nice proportions.
•  You don't wear noticeable tattoos or piercings (no facial piercings, please!)
•  Your appearance is very important to you and you are perfectly groomed and manicured.
•  You have perfect teeth and therefore a beautiful smile.
•  You draw attention by your attractive appearance.
•  You own clothing and accessories for every occasion - varying from a city walk to business meals and gala dinners etc. or you´re prepared to buy them for the job.
•  You attach some importance on erotic lingerie and want to extend your collection.

Education and intelligence

Due to the fact, that our customers consist of both international and superior business managers, who, next to the private time spent with you, also attach great importance to having an appreciable conversation in a restaurant or during a trip, we can only consider choosing ladies who

•  have a very good general education.
•  possess perfect table manners.
•  speak very good English. The more languages you know the better.
•  are studying or working in a regular job and are therefore an adequate conversational partner for successful business men.

Personal traits and character

Our clients want to experience an easy-going and pleasurable time with you. Therefore, we are looking for ladies who:

•  can captivate others employing their charm!
•  are neither egocentric nor addicted to profiling themselves.
•  got a positive appeal and sparkle with lust for life.
•  are content with themselves and do not carry lots of problems around.
•  enjoy pampering and being pampered.
•  love erotic adventures and one night stands.
•  are empathetic and attentive.
•  are sincere, honest and reliable.
•  are loyal to the agency and other ladies.
•  are discreet and secretive.

Motivation and Engagement

Kay Escorts only represents and mediates ladies who are passionate escorts and possess the necessary motivation. Please apply only if

•  You consider being an Escort as a hobby, as a sideline to your profession or studies and not financially dependent upon the task.
•  You have not been represented by numerous other agencies in vain.
•  You are disciplined and reliable and I can count on you.
•  Your motivation is the adventure and not just about earning some quick cash.

Your application,
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