How do I pay for the lady's travel expenses?

If it is necessary for the mediated lady to arrive by plane or by train due to distance and if you would like us to take care of the booking and the purchase of the ticket, all travel expenses should be paid for in advance. As appointments are sometimes cancelled by our clients due to work-related reasons, we no longer make advance payments for the ladies' travelling expenses. A 5% handling fee incurs when travelling expenses are paid with your credit card.

Marginal costs will accrue for the transportation by taxi from the airport or train station to the hotel. Since the fees are not determinable in advance, we will charge a lump sum of approx. 50 to 200 EUR, which depends on the respective distance.

How about meetings outside of Europe?

If you would like to invite a lady outside of Europe, the appointment should at least have a duration time of 48 hours. The hours shall be calculated from arrival at her destination until Check-In at her departure. There are two possibilities to ensure that the ladies arrive reposed and relaxed at their destination: either you reserve a business class flight for the mediated ladies, or the lady arrives a day earlier with a flight in the economy class, and we book a room for her on the previous evening to give her the opportunity to repose until the beginning of the meeting the following day. The duration of the booking shall be made from the following day until the check-in for the return flight.

Arriving and departing together

If you wish to travel together with the lady (by plane, car or train), the travel time is calculated as booking time at 50%. For flights, this starts with the check-in time.

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